WHEN: Wednesday.

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WHEN: Wednesday, June 2005.00 clockWHERE: Washington DC Convention Center 801 Mount Vernon Place, Washington, DCWHO: Speaker Highlights include: – Mike Leavitt, Secretary, HHS – Carolyn M. Director, AHRQ – David J. Brailer, National Coordinator for Health information Technology – Representative Nancy Johnson , House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee – Reed Tuckson, senior vice president, UnitedHealth Group – Congressional Healthcare Staff Members. For a copy of the full agenda, go to ahrq.gov/about/ptsafconf05.

Elk Grove Village,June, M HHS Secretary Leavitt to AHRQ National Patient Safety / Health IT to improve Meeting, USA address: Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt, a strong proponent of using the technologies of the nation’s health care system, run the 8th June plenary session of the AHRQ 2005 Annual Report Patient Safety and Health Information Technology Conference in Washington, the week-long event June 6 to 10 June 6 to 10, the status of patient safety and health information technology research and implications for improving the quality of medical care to examine..Finally, Carey discuss two other measures that were pending before which recess. She says that the Congress of added war expenditure statements that are allowed a provision would slow involves of six new Medicaid regulations. Bus is expected to sign that said statement. Meanwhile, group of Senate Republicans blocked through the President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief , which had allowed 50000000000 U.S. Dollars over five years HIV / HIV / AIDS and other diseases overseas. Montag said he was going trying to move the bill after the break.