We know that some rescue and recovery workers.

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‘We know that some rescue and recovery workers, city employees and residents have experienced health problems ‘some of the diseases that people from 9/11 have have experienced respiratory problems such as asthma, plus psychological problems like depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

The 9/11 Health website:will each affected group , targeted Describes for example, the treatment, for example, the three WTC Centers of Excellence, Explains you different types of support: financial counselors, social workers, environmental groups and other organizations who have come on 9/11 issues, resources for healthcare professionals and unites publications scientific and ongoing Forschung.9 Health came out of a report entitled addressing the health effects of 9/11, ie 15 recommendations raised by Bloomberg in February this year adopted. The report was written by a team led by Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs and Edward Skyler led and brought the views and experience of the city’s institutions, which dealt with the aftermath of the WTC attacks.Over to FORTIS-M trialFORTIS-M is a global, multicenter, randomized, double – blind, 6.7 controlled Phase 3 trial evaluating of oral Talactoferrin has best supportive care in in comparison to placebo card best supportive care in in patients with Stage IIIB / IV of non-small cell lung cancer which two or two or several treatment cycles. This study is forecast around 720 patients centers centers across the world. Of primary endpoint of is the overall survival. For further information about the study can be found at.