We can not assume that any short-term.

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‘We can not assume that any short-term, benefit from benefit from hormone therapy to postmenopausal women in their fifties would extend into older ages if they were still with hormones, ‘Rossouw cautioned. ‘We already know that starting hormone therapy in older women increases the risk of heart disease. Long-term long-term hormone therapy has other risks such as strokes and blood clots, and the use of combination therapy, breast cancer. ‘.

The estrogen – plus-progestin study was stopped in 2002 due to an increase in breast cancer. As estrogen-alone, combination hormone therapy was also found that the risk of stroke and blood clots regardless increase in women. Age and time since menopause combination therapy was also found to increase the risk of heart disease in the first years.CTCA of Philadelphia is a state-of-the-art hospital, advanced cancer treatments, world-class technologies , and supporting therapies offers under one roof. CTCA in Philadelphia features the most innovative therapeutic resource a cancer treatment. CTCA is an network of hospitals and a leading supplier by cancer treatment in the world. As with all CTCA the cancer clinics which Philadelphia facility. Unsurpassed context of healing and hope to That CTCA hospitals was recently published by the Commission on cancers of the American College of Surgeons approved a ‘for best offer into of cancer treatment.