Treatment with brachytherapy alone or brachytherapy in combination with EBRT.

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Treatment with brachytherapy alone or brachytherapy in combination with EBRT, the researchers found, was reduction in prostate cancer reduction in prostate cancer – specific mortality compared with EBRT alone.

– ‘The study of the traditional policy of using in only low-level and medium-level risk patients, brachytherapy with the proposal it takes an improvement in prostate cancer contradicts survival for high-risk patients,’said co – author Timothy Showalter, Assistant Professor in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, and associate Research member of Jefferson Kimmel Cancer Center. ‘Although studies such as this can not prove an advantage for brachytherapy, our report does suggest that brachytherapy is no less effective than EBRT considered considered for some men with high risk prostate cancer into account. ‘.. Many experts believe, ‘ of poor brachytherapy technique was limited, and that high-quality contemporary brachytherapy may be an effective tool against high-risk prostate cancer.There are really three opportunities to do so. The first and oldest path is move away the source of the testosterone the testicular and which is done to surgical trauma known orchiectomy. Around 25 years ago It has been the signals on the signals to the testicles, coming from brain, and in particular the pituitary gland, and this is with medication pituitary glands pituitary out from exuding Hormone MasterCard LSH FSH and done. Those who are downwards and down and interact stimulating with testicles Testosteron and drugs drugs such as Lupron or Zoladex stops the pituitary glands the Shipping costs on the signals.. And medications such as androgen suppression / deprivations therapy, and how it is obtained?

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