The single-cell lining of blood vessels.

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Genes and Vascular Disease – In a study of the line in advance of publication in the May issue of Circulation the UCSD team reports findings on the effect of genetics on the endothelium, the single-cell lining of blood vessels. Endothelial function and dysfunction is the basis of every common vascular disease, such as heart attack or stroke. – ‘Stop If blood vessels to contract properly properly, it is the first sign of vascular dysfunction,’said O’Connor.

The endothelium secretes several hormones that are markers of how well they are working from a release. This marker, endothelin , trigged by a gene, the catecholamines, chemical compounds in the adrenal glands, which are released in response to stress regulated prepared. The study evaluated the plasma concentration of ET-1 in about 300 twins. Determine and check the results of a previously unknown association between the catecholamines and endothelial system, due to a genetic due to a genetic variation and therefore runs in families.CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta pulled off consideration for the position of U.S. Surgeon General he wanted and his family with his family and continued its practical, to in New York Times is reporting. A neurosurgeon the leading candidate the leading candidate for the item discussed the capable late last year by Chairman Obama’s transition the Team (Harrisburg, Times.