The discovery for the first time identifies the endoplasmic reticulum.

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The discovery for the first time identifies the endoplasmic reticulum , the cell protein processing factory as a place of biochemical reactions leading to brain cell death in children with this disease. – ‘Our finding is exciting because children with GM1 gangliosidosis are their their prospects are bleak,’said Alessandra d’ Azzo, a member of the St. Jew Department of Genetics and Tumor Cell Biology. We. Better understanding of what causes the damage , we may be able to treatments that specifically remedy this problem to design If this finding is also true for other lysosomal storage diseases, the impact could be especially fruitful. ‘.

Carotid Feasibility Study meeting at the 2005 Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics presented that show the long-term durability of carotid artery stenting for the prevention of stroke compared carotid endarterectomy in high risk surgical patients.. Therefore, patients receivingS. Carotid Feasibility studies demonstrate durability of carotid stentingPreliminary three-year data from the SAPPHIRE and final three-year data from the U.S.An article publish in Molecular Cell offers key to these mechanisms which prove crucial in the future. The paper is co-authored by Dr. Morag parking, Director of the MUHC Molecular Oncology Group, Kalle Gehring, Head of the Nuclear Magnetic Resonnance lab McGill University Biochemistry Department. – ‘cancers cancer, it is necessary to first understand how the molecules are interact,’explains Dr. Who is also a professor of oncology and biochemistry at McGill University. ‘This study have determined the structure of a number of the involved proteins and their compounds which allow the implications the consequences such interactions clarified. ‘in fact, in fact , a trick that merits close attention, because it is indicates that researchers can now elements of ‘see’smaller than a millionths of a millimeter!.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, the institute to the research arm the MUHC , a university Gesundheitszentrum and the Faculty of Medicine & Health McGill University. The institute promotes over 500 researchers, about 1000 graduate and post – PhD and maintains more as the 300 laboratories dedicated a wide spectrum of basic science and clinical trials. The Research Institute is working the forefront of knowledge, innovation and technology and is inextricably linked with the clinical programs of the MUHC, allowing patients will benefit direct on the latest research findings based knowledge of.