The current vaccine provides some protection against severe forms of the disease.

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‘In children, the current vaccine provides some protection against severe forms of the disease, but there is clearly room for improvement,’said Dr. McShane. ‘The rise in the number of cases of multi-drug resistant forms of TB and the increasing number of cases of TB in people with HIV means a new vaccine is important, we can no longer rely on antibiotics, said Dr. Disease. We need body’s immune system body’s immune system disease. ‘.. Currently, the only vaccine against the the BCG vaccine is administered to infants in developing countries and most of the developed world. However vaccination is only assumed that safeguards against severe forms of the disease and is not effective in adults. In addition, infection with antibiotics should be administered to ready for many months and are increasingly ineffective as the bacteria develop resistance to the drugs available.

‘It’s so important that a new and potentially much more effective vaccine against TB is in the second stage studies assume the TB bacterium has. Too long succeeded A new instrument human efforts by the appearance, especially in HIV-positive populations in Southern Africa remain from a strain of tuberculosis resistant to nearly all known displayed drugs against TB. A new tool for preventing TB would be a great step forward.Problem in the U.S. And the whole world Wyeth to employ high profile doctors and researchers who considered the very best in its field as a first-in – class and best-in-class is committed developed drugs. ‘.. Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, a division of Wyeth , announced today to Gary L.

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