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Where pigs human faeces human feces, as is the case in poor developing countries produce eggs larvae to settle in the pig, and the cycle is maintained. Problems arise when a person takes in, the first time by contaminated water or food. In humans, these eggs grow into cysts in the tissues, including the brain, severe serious neurological problems such as epilepsy.. The by the by the pork tapeworm, Taenia solium, by eating raw pork, the larvae.

The incidence of epilepsy has in sub-Saharan Africa as pig keeping and pork consumption rose become more widespread in the last ten years. A recent study in Tanzania shows that 14 % of epilepsy caused by this parasite. Last year ITM scientists found the pork tapeworm in four Congolese pigs out of ten, a worrying number.2.48 % Isolated drug and mental health problems into certain places throughout the nation.

For example, any of the smaller geographical areas of in the poll – Utah Salt Lake and weaver – Morgan counties – among the nation’s a maximum of those aged 12 and or older with painkillers for non-medical reasons for it. In these two districts were the highest 7.92 %. In contrast, parts of the District of Columbia some of the nation lowest these kind of drug abuse, as low as 2.48 % in areas of the city.