Sivagnanam research mentor is Hal M.

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Dr. Sivagnanam research mentor is Hal M. Hoffman, an associate professor of medicine and pediatrics at UCSD Richard D. Protein discovered entangled with two other rare disorders: familial cold autoinflammatory syndrome , in which affected people develop rashes and other symptoms when the cold air exposure and Muckle-Wells syndrome , the numbness and periodic fever caused.

With genetic technology, the small differences in the genetic code within a person’s DNA sequence as single nucleotide polymorphisms the researchers noted, may notice known that the mutation of a molecule as the epithelial cell adhesion molecule known or EpCAM is the cause of CTE.In a manner similar be determined To P53 tumor suppressor proteins in that DNA for anti-cancer activity Bound.

In an effort to to determine the structure of p53 bound to DNA, was the challenge for the scientists that its efforts to crystallization to p53 dimer of attached in DNA systematically introduced to structure which could not bind to DNA. Researchers been found that the dimer was in solution before the crystallization experiments, a form made with formed with DNA binding.