Shlomo Yanai.

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Shlomo Yanai, President and Chief Executive Officer of Teva, adding:: This success shows the strength of Teva innovative R & D capabilities and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the development of therapies for the more demanding areas of neurological disorders These positive results could dramatically increase the market potential for AZILEC. Q: Will I be able to become pregnant after chemotherapy for breast cancer?

announced today the successful completion of ADAGIO, the phase III study show that 1 mg tablets to AZILEC to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease. In the study, met the currently marketed AZILEC 1 mg tablets three primary endpoints and the secondary and additional end points, all. Statistically significant The study also confirmed the safety and tolerability of AZILEC.. 1 mg tablets meeting endpoints in ADAGIO Phase III trialTeva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.Many gene therapy strategies develop to a normal copy of the gene cells that provide a disease causing genetic mutation can rely on a A modified viral for transmitting the gene to the affected tissue. Based a technology which suitable for the also suitable for in vivo delivery of genes on adeno-associated viruses . As these novel therapies documented nearer commercialization, including the methods used to large-scale production and efficient delivery of AAV vectors which a set of articles a number of articles Added ahead of print at Human Gene Therapy an peer-reviewed journal publishes carried Mary Ann Liebert..

AcuMEMS announced that it developing a new sensor is of wireless ocular pressure monitoring patients with co – transaction cataract and glaucoma. Successful animal experiments confirm the precise supply of the implantable pressure sensor in the eye where synthetic intraocular lens for cataract treating used.