Researchers report in the December Pediatrics.

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Congenital heart defects affect about 8 in 1000 newborns -. Due to advances in care, more children are survive with these defects. Many have reduced exercise capacity after the defects will be corrected, and some of of this reduction is caused by a lack of activity, Jonathan Rhodes, a cardiologist at Children’s Hospital says, who led the study. These kids have not exercised told have told by coaches, doctors, parents and teachers can not ,, ‘ ‘Rhodes says. Age appropriate rehabilitation is not part of most pediatric cardiology programs.

Georgina Slack, head of research at Diabetes UK, is optimistic about the development of the treatment. ‘One hundred years ago Type 1 diabetes was a death sentence,’she said. ‘Now we see new approaches that improve the chances of cure.The insurance sector study of the impact of health reform is indignation Democrat , as reformers rallying point inspires inspired the wave of zippy one-liners in the news.