Professor Anatoli Derevianko and Professor Mikhail Shunkov.

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Professor Anatoli Derevianko and Professor Mikhail Shunkov, of the Russian Academy of Sciences, discovered the finger bones in 2008, in a layer that is current probably from 30,000 to 50,000 years ago.

The group plans to present a lecture on her work later this year, but she would earlier their genome freely available. We believe that many scientists find it useful in their research, said P bo?Await the genome new secrets about the Denisovans and Neanderthals reveal.P bo and his team have been studying ancient DNA in nearly 30 years?The archaeological excavations in Denisova Cave are unique because they occupied cultural layers, the first people to included about 280,000 years suggest.The researchers also demonstrated in that timp-1, a gene in of regulation of cell growth involved to proliferate say commands of NF – KB carries to lung cancer cells. When they had suppressed which expression of the gene the mice were with lung cancer tumors of small and obsolete longer. of next step to antibody or other types of medications neutralize the neutralize TIMP-1 developed abolish its pro – proliferation roll for lung cancer, says Xia.

The Salk researchers hope a mouse model from small cell lung, an aggressive form of the disease that has coupled to smoke developing. They are then check if the potential targets of this study in this study is relevant for the deadly cancers.