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In Taiwan International Senior Lifestyle and Health Care Show 2008 from Taiwan External Trade Development Council, local and foreign companies organized with great achievements in the development of health food are gathered. These companies make the most of advanced technologies, in the U.S. Preservation of health in food crops recognized and developed various kinds of functional foods and dietary supplements for the health of the elderly and to the public.. Therefore, is better than cure: Healthy Eating for a Healthy Life Taiwan International Senior Lifestyle and Health Care Show, on May 2 to 5 instead of’food quality , rather than quantity of food! As the health regimen spree sweeps the world, emerged a new concept of food.

For his second time to participate in SenCARE is, Rainbow Health show ‘Rainbow Policonsanol Tablets ‘the ‘Symbol the ‘Symbol of National Quality ‘and the Gold Medal of ‘National Biomedicine Quality Awards ‘. It is also recognized by the Department of Health for the effectiveness of regulation cholesterol in the blood. ‘Lyprinol Rainbow ‘, a new product will be shown in the show is able to reduce the inflammatory substances in the human body, and is effective in soothing and improving joint pain. This ‘Biomedicine Quality Award 2007 ‘award-winning product is patented in 23 countries and is an excellent supplement for joint health for the elderly.A recent study publishes to the trade magazine Plant Physiology offers a comprehensive survey of which genomic Tools & Resources in the rapidly growing Rosaceae scientific community. Rosaceae being economically significant group of plants that includes more than 3,000 species, including strawberry, peach and Light Bulb. Members of this plant family offers high quality nutritional foods, and they are also the Provided by of other desirable aesthetics and industrial products.