Often leading to advances in cancer prevention and early detection.

Reaction’If it changes in the development as reported for breast cancer early detection thyroid cancer this year alerted the researchers to look for the causes, often leading to advances in cancer prevention and early detection, ‘John Seffrin, chief executive officer for ACS, said (AP / Washington Post, ‘I think we are see a change see a change – that[ breast cancer cases are] flatten – and we may even see the start of a , ‘Edwards said, ‘Edwards said, adding:’We must be cautious, but I think it’s real, ‘According to the Post are cancer researchers ‘feverishly ‘to judge data for 2004, which is taking shape the the decline in 2003. More more if the numbers (remained the same Washington Post.

Edwards also said that more data is needed to confirm whether the decline in breast cancer incidence is a trend, but added that, the incidence of breast cancer news for us, we ‘ve already seen the rise for so many years in 2003. Stopped this increase (Stein, Washington Post.. Number of new cases of thyroid cancer in women in the U.S. Despite the overall decline in cancer mortality for women, Breast Cancer prices St – Breast cancer rates dropped, the report also notes that the rate of women breast cancer breast cancer with 137.3 cases per 100,000 women in 2001 to 124.2 cases per 100,000 women in 2003, the Washington Post reports. Brenda Edwards of NCI, who led the team of researchers said the decrease was due to an increase in mammography screenings, a stabilization of the number of women delaying childbirth and a significant decline in the number of women using hormone replacement therapy after menopause may be.Dr. Mone Zaidi, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, is Scientific Director of and program chair the meeting. Science, Technology of Sciences.onference brings together international focus on the focus on the mechanisms of the development of osteoporosis and to help Translation new research findings into new therapeutic strategies, said Dr. The study of osteoporosis has been during the last decade, which calls for an concerted effort by to help researchers, bloomed disseminating results and Last options for the future patients – related research. .

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