NHS Confederation response to Commissioning a patient-led NHS.

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‘We are pleased that the Department of Health has many of the points in the NHS Confederation discussion paper entitled’A Future Vision for PCT ‘against which we recently published.. NHS Confederation response to Commissioning a patient-led NHS, UKJohn McIvor, vice-chair of the the Federal NHS PCT Chief Executives Forum has responded to today’s publication of the Department of Health document ‘Commissioning a patient-led NHS ‘: – John, who is chief executive of Rotherham PCT, said: ‘This document defines a clear direction for the future of both primary care trusts and strategic health authorities and provides some much needed clarity with a clear timetable of key dates for local advice.

The NHS Confederation welcomes the national clarity ‘Commissioning a patient-led NHS ‘ but wants to primary care organizations local flexibility local flexibility. John McIvor said: ‘Local NHS organizations and stakeholders find find local solutions to the challenge of restructuring the health system, because there is no ‘cookie cutter ‘solution, a single best fit, shape or size prescribe for organizations.Of paper quoted:Gupta et al. Identification of selective inhibitors of cancer stem cells carried high throughput screening of . Posted online the thirteenth August 2009.