Morton added: There are currently around 310.

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Mrs. Morton added: There are currently around 310,000 16 – year-old girls in England if they for this school year for this school year, they will be in July 2008 to leave unprotected by a very common virus that could be on their affect future fertility. And the quality of life and result in the worst case, death, this is unacceptable and if she this government this government treats culpable negligence.

Jo Trust is a registered charity established in 1999 by James Maxwell in memory of his wife Jo, who died of cervical cancer.It is specifically for women who affected their families and friends of precancerous lesions and cervical cancerJo trusts objectives areTo the awareness and understanding of the causes of precancerous lesions and cervical cancer and how it can be prevented and overcome to increase to create greater awareness of the importance of regular health screenings to campaign for better preventive..In 2010, the first cancer cancer a therapeutic vaccine for certain forms of prostate cancer. Davis calls it ‘an important milestone for the complete class of therapeutic vaccines against cancer in the USA. ‘.