Is very preliminary and must be confirmed in larger studies.

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Landa acknowledges that this research presented Thursday at a meeting of the International Society for Autism Research in Toronto, is very preliminary and must be confirmed in larger studies.

The nervous system the nervous system can not be right. They did this in children with cerebral palsy and premature infants, seen for example. But so far it is? Not been documented in children with autism.Pole de Vos and his team are the research related to Cuba, a country accepted a different route, expectation that of Soviet Union broken of Cuba biggest customer and investor 1989, and the U.S. Streamline its embargo on shortly thereafter. It mean sudden loss of 80 percent of imports and exports, by Gross National Product minus 38, and despite food shortages, Cuba were able to a large extent keep population health and well-being in face of crisis and accepts accept the IMF instructions and adherence to social redistribution.

One study by scientists at Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine, published online at of the journal Tropical Medicine and International healthcare, that it is still possible a good level a good level the public health if you ready for has the public health system the public health system. That this is that this is true even during times of serious crisis, when the Gross National Product collapses, said: ‘Look, for example, in Cuba during the nineties. ‘.