In a study in the 13th June 2008 edition Immunity.

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Costimulationimulation cell surface receptors All ‘ talc ‘understanding of the mechanisms to drive to drive a healthy immune response is important when it comes to the fight against autoimmune diseases, which will occur when the cells that attack invading organisms to the body instead of must make a turn. In a study in the 13th June 2008 edition Immunity, Immunity, Tufts researcher Stephen Bunnell describes how cell surface receptors, immune responses in a process called co-stimulation together generate. To show how to communicate these receptors, Bunnell, assistant professor of pathology at Tufts University School of Medicine and a member of the immunology program faculty at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, a fluorescent imaging technique dynamic motions dynamic motions of proteins in formulated living T cells..

‘You need to understand the communication between the receptors to engage intelligently and improve the response to a virus or bacteria, inhibit or a destructive response,’says Bunnell.‘The B 1b cells in humans speculated but never confirmed We are found that in mice is the cell B 1b subset of of crucial for the solution of for the solution of this time, the bacterial infection.