Important questions about genetic research only on blood samples Raised.

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Important questions about genetic research only on blood samples Raised; New Treatment in Vascular Disease At The Same Time Intendedresearch by a group of Montreal scientists in question the basic assumptions of human genetics: that when it comes, each cell goes into the body is substantially identical to any other cell. Their findings appear in the July issue of of the journal Human Mutation.

What they found surprised them.AAA is a rare vascular diseases where tissue samples are removed as part of patient treatment center. They they compared them, the researchers discovered major differences between BAK genes in blood cells and tissue cells from the same individuals. With the suspected disease trigger residing only in the tissue Moreover, the same differences were shown in samples in samples derived from healthy individuals.There is a new formulating of existing sexual enhancement drug that are designed to quickly the blood circulation the blood stream, maximizing their effectiveness and output. This drug was developed to work sublingually so as to a faster action of and bypass all the inconveniences and many adverse effects with other applications routers. Life style When products, ViagraTM, CialisTM and LevitraTM etc., coupled have extremely lucrative for pharmaceutical companies. Continue the profitable market will continue for the near future growth The company hopes to a considerable portion a significant portion of this market. On Global Health Ventures.. Pharmaceutical medications are very bitter in taste prevents prevented their use just above or below the tongue. Of this market.

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