Gender-specific response to treatment.

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Women were not the current study the current study to avoid any metabolic changes associated with the menstrual cycle shown shown in studies by others that avoid influence metabolic differences, Kochhar says. However, the researchers is planning to women in future clinical trials on metabolic responses to chocolate are to determine whether there. Gender-specific response to treatment.

There is a lot of information in metabolism improve improve the health and this information is researched and developed right now, says the researchers. – In the future, a test to determine a metabolic type could be carried out as part of a blood or urine test during a regular visit to the doctor, Kochhar predicts But a reliable test. But the researchers metabolic type may be five years away, as more research in this area still needed, he says.We will continue to invest in research, scientifically scientifically validation our products which enables us to clear differ our. DBS continue to at perform a global market with most cost effective and efficacious cranberry products available.. In 2004 KFDA implemented to consent systems of functional ingredients for to Health Function food store by law on healthcare functional foods. This extensive licensing of PACra took almost two years to complete and was obtained after DBS and its Korean partner, Monature, have a perfect clinical documentation, including the required safety data.