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In turn, men are over-producing these aggressive sperm produce many tens of millions of them , in order to increase their chances for successful fertilization. – However , these evolutionary strategies, as well as the law of unintended consequences, says Dr. It is a delicate balance, and over time for men and women , the body fine-tune each Sometimes, during the fine-tuning process, high infertility seen. Can be this is probably the reason for the very high unexplained infertility in the last few decades . But whatever the source of infertility, Dr.

And the battle is not over yet. – ‘The rate of infertility in humans, we should expect higher than it should be,’says Dr. ‘At least now, the evolution of our reproductive success rate have improved Something else is going on. ‘. Combining empirical evidence with a mathematical model in collaboration with Prof. Lewi Stone of the Department of Biomathematics unit develops, the researchers suggest that the bodies of men and women have become reproductive antagonists, not reproductive partners. Fine-tune the journal the journal Biological Reviews. – Favoring the ‘super – sperm ‘.. In cooperation with Prof. An evolutionary explanation for the current fertility problemsAbout 10 percent of all couples have a baby in the hope of fertility problems. Environmentalists say the pollution is to blame and psychiatrists point to our stressful lifestyles, but evolutionary biologist Dr.Estimates According White House, about 12,000 approximately 12,000 Last grants to comprising the largest infusion of money today into support biomedical research, that whole continuum medical research and to create ten thousands jobs in the next two years ago.