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‘The consistent theme we in these in these studies is that estrogen and progestin compared to estrogen alone have a marked effect on breast tissue, ‘Crandall said. ‘One theory is that more more growth of breast tissue may be, are aghast closer whenever to take women combined therapy. ‘.

In contrast to women taking estrogen alone have those new-onset breast tenderness experienced no subsequent higher risk of breast cancer. – This study showed the development of new the development of new breast tenderness after initiation of hormone therapy with increased breast cancer risk only in women on the combination estrogen-progestin therapy, not just estrogen therapy was associated. said author Dr. Author Dr. Carolyn Crandall, a professor of Internal Medicine and a scientist UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center.. Now a study by researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that women , the combination, the combination and of developing progestin hormone replacement therapy, the new onset breast tenderness experienced a 33 % higher subsequent risk of developing breast cancer than women who not has had experiencing breast tenderness.Alteon Inc. And his officer and managers may proxy voting rights be participants in raising by shareholders of Alteon Inc. Be in respect of the proposed merger. Information regarding such officers and directors at Alteon Inc. ‘s on on Form 10-K to the year ended December 2005 at his proxy statement for the Annual General Meeting 2006, which were submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission shall absorbed can available free with which Securities and Exchange Commission at and directly by Alteon Inc.

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