Both in adult hearts and in fetal development.

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Sten Eirik Jacobsen the research team now concentrate mainly on how blood regulates production of stem cells. They are also going to perform their work to understand what caused fusion between bone marrow cells and heart muscle could, both in adult hearts and in fetal development.

All all this is not possible clearly that this is not possible, ‘says Jens Nygren He is a graduate student and part of the research group led by Professor Sten Eirik Jacobsen at the Stem Cell Center headed. The question is whether there is any reason to continue this study, or whether they should be stopped. There are some evidence that bone marrow transplantation is a definite positive effect on cardiac function after a heart attack, but the mechanism behind an open question.. ‘Both we and two American research teams, different methods were used, a study of three years ago , which appeared in Nature replicate It was about the transplantation of blood stem cells new heart muscle cells new heart muscle a heart a heart after a heart attack.About KineMed,KineMed, is a drug discovery and company has company employs its proprietary discovery translational medicine gives technology and KineMarker ) to both identify active drug candidates preclinically and acknowledge their therapeutic activity and dose response in the first-in-man studies. KineMed technology speeds up development of pharmaceuticals and provides real-time insight into the conditions well metabolic diseases, cancer, and diseases of the inflammation and neurodegeneration.