Blunders child injury deaths says Patricia Schnitzer.

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Blunders child injury deaths – says Patricia Schnitzer, associate professor in the MU Sinclair School of Nursing that most unintentional child injury deaths of young children result from inadequate supervision or failure from harm. Although injuries to children may unintentionally, they can be avoided and should not as accidents. – ‘Show Persistent references to tragic, and horrible accidents, there is still important work needed to frame unintentional injuries as preventable, ‘Schnitzer said. ‘Understanding and managing the social norms about the circumstances for child injuries – such as safe sleeping environments for infants and the use of car seats, helmets and other safety devices – is important for effective prevention strategies. In previous research, was blunder that most injuries to young children are not the result of physical abuse, but are rather unintentional injuries including suffocation, burning, ingestion of harmful substances.

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