At the Texas and South Central ASM meeting in Austin.

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At the Texas and South Central ASM meeting in Austin, Professor Lacy Daniels ‘ group from Texas A & M University in their latest findings on Biolog Phenotype MicroArray presented technology to study species of the genus Mycobacterium. These bacteria are a challenge agents of human and animal diseases. The World Health Organization estimates that about a third of the world population is infected with M. Tuberculosis , and it is responsible for about 12 percent of all deaths due to infectious diseases. Other species are also important pathogens, including the group of M. Avium , kansasii chelonae and M. Fortuitum and M. Leprae .

It is the world leader in cell phenotyping technology. Biological respiration – based technology is unique in its broad applicability to cells – this includes bacterial and fungi cells and animal cells. More than 100 scientific publications and presentations document the effectiveness and productivity of PM technology. The PM product line adds to the innovative microbial identification products of the company are available, such as the new GEN III system. Biolog products are available worldwide, either directly by the Company or by a dense network of international distributors.. About BiologBiolog is a privately owned company in Hayward, California, which continues to pioneer in the development of powerful new cell analysis tools for solving critical problems in biological, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology research and development.They have are suffering with debilitating, life-altering illness is are brushed under the carpet. We understand that to anthrax vaccine is reactivity and for those with is especially risky for people with hereditary and the other risk factors which DOD refuses to study or accept. ‘.. ‘America’s military service members of comprising over death, chronic diseases and disabilities severe headache soldiers make to be experienced after anthrax vaccine informed of, ‘said MBVP medical director of Meryl Nass, MD ‘The FDA-approved anthrax vaccine package leaflet recognizes just six dead and two dozens autoimmune disease the vaccine associates , but not the FDA to manufacturer directed to the application in almost five years ago.