A total of 109 patients were enrolled in the phase I study.

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Arm, a mild to moderate flu-like adverse events was observed at higher doses. This proved to be transient and may have been linked to increase efficiency of delivery. In the multi-dose arm was proved by daily doses up to 0.6 mg / kg for 3 days to be safe and well tolerated, with a dose of ALN – RSV01 for further Phase II evaluation.. A total of 109 patients were enrolled in the phase I study, 71 were exposed to drug and 38 to placebo. Both single and several doses were evaluated, of of the equivalent of 0.1 mg / kg to 3 mg / kg in the single dose arm, and 0.01 mg / kg to 0.6 mg / kg, once daily for 3 days in the multiple doses arm. The data showed that the efficiency of delivery of ALN – RSV01 via inhalation , as measured by plasma levels delivered significantly greater than was observed in humans preclinically.

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