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A process calledp. Spread of cancerscientists have more evidence of a switch that grow breast cancer and can spread revealed.The finding by U.S. Researchers precisely precisely targeted drugs on this process in its tracks to stop.Mice genetically altered to large amounts of a chemical called COX-2 was to produce faster growing and spreading breast cancer.

Drugs that inhibit COX-2 ” – from the aspirin family – have a role in fighting breast cancer, experts say.The trial was conducted at the University of Connecticut and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.One of the most important factors that can grow a tumor, whether it has support adequate blood supply to the new size.Many tumors may chemical pathways that utilize the body create create a path of the blood vessels around the cancer, a process called angiogenesis.COX-2 and its related other chemical called prostaglandin E2 are already under suspicion of a role in this process.Altered mouseIf successful that role, there are already drugs available this process this process and maybe could improve the survival of patients with breast cancer, which is now the most common cancer in women in the UK.Osteoclasts are for bones for bone cell removed. ‘We are very to results of this study encouraging,’said Michael McClung, principal investigator of the denosumab study and director of Oregon Osteoporosis Center in the Providence Island in Portland Medical Center at Portland, Oregon ‘These data demonstrate to targeted RANK the ligand pathway ligand pathway may be a new therapeutic option on osteoporosis diseases such as osteoporosis. ‘.. This article summarizes the results of the Stage 2, multi-center trial evaluating the effect of denosumab postmenopausal women with low bone density.