000of myeloma patients lose their last hope after not-so NICE final decision on Velcade.

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About 20,000of myeloma patients lose their last hope after not-so – NICE final decision on Velcade, UKToo expensive was the reason, by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence today in the face of rejection will be an important treatment for the bone marrow, although it is the only approved treatment for patients in more than a decade.

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For full details please the RCN Research, Managing Director, to work differently, RCN Annual Employment Survey 2005 Visit of rcn.uk / publications – Royal College of of nursing is the voice of nursing in Britain and being the largest association of nurses the world. Non-profit organizations promotes the interest from caregivers and patients at a wide range of issues and help form health policies in close cooperation with the UK Government and other domestic and international institutions, trade unions, professional associations and non-profit organizations.