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Have you kept up with the astonishing findings about our brains, how we learn and how we can best teach children? New information about the brain is being discovered every day. Neuroscientists are working with educators to get the message through that there is a great deal we can do to improve our skills in teaching and learning.

SNA ThirzaDerek Pugh is one of those educators. An author and highly experienced teacher and Principal, his seminars and workshops have led thousands of people to understandings about the structure and function of their brains and how to prepare them for best use. This is powerful knowledge - of particular use to students, teachers, parents and trainers everywhere.

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"along comes Derek Pugh and presents a solidly built guide to learning, and even more important, the care and nurturing of the human brain. The fact that this book is accessible, entertaining humourous and as equally helpful to parents and teachers as it is to teenagers is what makes this OWNER'S GUIDE TO THE TEENAGE BRAIN so valuable. If schools would place this book on the required reading list for high school students we'd likely see some benefits." Grady Harp

"I therefore make no apologies in recommending 'The Owner's Guide' to all readers, especially parents and educators, and urge that all educational authorities (plus school and public libraries) purchase a copy." Chris CC

A book for every teenager and anyone who knows one.

Derek Pugh Brain Compatible Education Arlparra6This book is written specifically for teenagers, their parents and teachers. Readers discover why the teenage years are so different from what happens both before and after. The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain gives up to date neuroscience information about what teenagers can do to get the most out of their brains and how to optimise their learning, whilst giving an in depth understanding of the changes taking place.

Each chapter also has messages for parents and teachers with invaluable insights and tips on teenagers' lives.

Brain Compatible Learning

Brain Compatible Learning or Brain Based Learning is a theory of learning based on knowledge of the brain's structure and function.

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Learning will occur best if teaching and learning strategies are brain compatible.

Derek Pugh is "a speaker of substance and style"

(John Joseph, Focus Education)

"Derek Pugh has got it 100% right with his new book, The Owner's Guide to the Teenage Brain"

Dr Mark Heyward, Education Consultant

Standard for trainersProfessional standard program falls below an A.

The results showed that combining trastuzumab with chemotherapy results to a-34 percent reduction in mortality and a 38 percent increase in disease-free survival, Dahabreh said. These survival benefits by decreases in by decreases in the risk of both locoregional and distant recurrences of the cancer.

All trials compared disease-free survival, overall survival and the risk of locoregional and distant recurrence of breast cancer in women given adjuvant chemotherapy alone or chemotherapy plus trastuzumab, after breast surgery. Continue reading “Standard for trainersProfessional standard program falls below an A.”

Morton added: There are currently around 310.

Mrs. Morton added: There are currently around 310,000 16 – year-old girls in England if they for this school year for this school year, they will be in July 2008 to leave unprotected by a very common virus that could be on their affect future fertility. And the quality of life and result in the worst case, death, this is unacceptable and if she this government this government treats culpable negligence.

Jo Trust is a registered charity established in 1999 by James Maxwell in memory of his wife Jo, who died of cervical cancer.It is specifically for women who affected their families and friends of precancerous lesions and cervical cancerJo trusts objectives areTo the awareness and understanding of the causes of precancerous lesions and cervical cancer and how it can be prevented and overcome to increase to create greater awareness of the importance of regular health screenings to campaign for better preventive.. Continue reading “Morton added: There are currently around 310.”

Nanoparticles have been the availability and efficacy of some drugs improved.

Nanoparticles have been the availability and efficacy of some drugs improved, but the functions the developing technologies will have leads supplied to a drastic increase in the number of treatments using nanoparticles. In many cases drugs in nanocrystalline form can be administered in smaller doses , as they are delivered directly to the tissue and in controlled doses the patient related personal needs. – These results are and and comprehensive report: Nanoparticle Drug Delivery: Technologies, targets and therapies. The survey concludes that nanoparticle-based drug delivery is gaining traction at the expense of traditional drug formulation methods, particularly among emerging biologics.

Featureser.Nanoparticle Technology Creating opportunities for drug developers – Testing Technology, therapeutic and market factorsAdvances in nanotechnology that drugs delivered in a manner to preserve their effectiveness and precise therapeutic targets offer a multitude of opportunities for drug developers can be. A plurality of nano – structures as a functional as a functional excipient for a variety of therapies, in particular cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases and cancer. Continue reading “Nanoparticles have been the availability and efficacy of some drugs improved.”

UKr questions Attention with viral vaccinesVaccine flaviviruses can recombine.

Co – author is Ernest A. CEH – Oxford, UK.. Oxford, UKr questions Attention with viral vaccinesVaccine flaviviruses can recombine, resulting in a new microbe with potentially undesirable properties.A New York Medical College microbiologist warns that live virus vaccines could prevent infectious diseases such as West Nile virus and yellow fever have dire consequences. Should any of the vaccine flaviviruses recombine with a wild-type virus could cause a new microbe with potentially undesirable properties. By Stephen J. Seligman, Research Professor of Microbiology and Immunology paper paper, Live flavivirus vaccines: reasons for caution appears as a rapid overview article on the 19th June 2004 issue of the journal Lancet.

– In addition to protection from various workplace injuries Wiley X are developing the range of available shatterproof selenite polycarbonate lenses to improve visual acuity and reduce eyestrain under almost all conditions. Each product in Wiley X Safety line is also prescription comfort and security further improve comfort and safety by eliminating the need for inferior protective glasses be worn over prescription eyewear.. Are products sub Wiley X Safety Series seven Climate Control Series models – the new Curve, and the popular Jake AirRage, Airborne, Brick and Rout. Continue reading “UKr questions Attention with viral vaccinesVaccine flaviviruses can recombine.”

The authors found that 69 % of young people.

The authors found that 69 % of young people, the cause of bullying attributed to clubs. The bullies ‘ inner flaws and their desire to maintain or improve their power, status and popularity were the two most common explanations for why they bullied others added. Interestingly attributed 42 % of the youths the victims of the bullying , and their deviation from the norm as the reason more girls than boys blamed the bully than the victim.

We still see many children in the sleep center that fit this profile, but in the last 10 years a new clinical picture has emerged. Concurrent with the dramatic rise in childhood obesity, there is a clear change in our younger patients. Continue reading “The authors found that 69 % of young people.”

Health Systeme for Palliative Care RNsTwo nurse leaders offer their top tips read article.

Health Systeme for Palliative Care RNsTwo nurse leaders offer their top tips. Set up routine processes and algorithms so nurses can make about the treatment of about the treatment of the patient’s immediate needs. read article

Obtain administrative buy-in and support. When leaders in the organization value what nurses do, it is a sense of esprit de corps among staff. If any employee is the same thing – what the right care at the same time – it’s worth and the people improves a sense of connection and purpose, burnout. Burnout. Continue reading “Health Systeme for Palliative Care RNsTwo nurse leaders offer their top tips read article.”

Professor Tania Sorrell.

Professor Tania Sorrell, University of Sydney, SydneyDescription: – This study showed Morrison spectroscopy could easily distinguish between tumors and infections. It can even recognize what type of bacteria causing the infection. Can be avoided as a result of those patients with abscesses risky brain surgery and general anesthesia – the usual treatment of tumors – and instead are treated with antibiotics. Approximately 250 brain abscesses, 400 infections of the brain and brain tumors diagnosed each year in 1500 in Australia. May improve correct and speedy diagnosis of a brain abscess considerably patient outcome and recovery. New tissue for reconstructive surgery.

But the EEG data tells a different story, says Frenkel. The researchers also measured the participants brainwaves using EEG, while they showed the photos, with and discovered that non-anxious individuals completed an in-depth processing of fear-inducing stimuli that informed their behavioral response, whereas anxious people not. Compensation for insensitive brain. Continue reading “Professor Tania Sorrell.”

Has approved the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

Has approved the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, ‘in principle, ‘a $ 47,000 grant for the spread of HIV among gay and other sex with men sex with men in seven South Asian countries to reduce, IANS / Thaindian. Com reported. IANS / IANS / Thaindian.com reports of the Global Fund was released in New Delhi ‘This[project] is the first time, the Global Fund will support a major regional project in Asia, especially in men who have sex with men , transgender and HIV.

The same technique could be used to elucidate places of importance for other species in their natural habitat, the researchers said, and connected to an understanding of the patterns of brain activity with such places. Is is this line of research ‘can help to understand how the[animal] in the real world in the real world. ‘. Continue reading “Has approved the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.”

As previously and improves glucose tolerance associated.

This was also studying that the weight reduction in rats fed the high protein diet was described strongly with lower basal blood sugar and insulin levels, as previously and improves glucose tolerance associated. As isocaloric exchange between high and low protein diet was performed on the carbohydrate, the flattening effect of the high protein diet to the basal levels of insulin and glucose could its reduced carbohydrate content can be attributed. The longstanding the results of many studies that have acknowledged that high-protein intake induce an increase in glucose and insulin concentrations.

ConclusionsThis unique long-term study found that in male rats, a protein intake of three times the requirements did not reveal any adverse effects on the kidney and liver function, oxidative stress or on the calcium balance of the. Contrary, exchanging carbohydrates for proteins was beneficial on body composition, agree basal triglycerides, glucose, leptin and insulin plasma concentrations The results of this study with the idea long-term long-term dietary treatment of great importance for the prevention of obesity. – This study will not settle the long-standing debate over the merits of a high protein diet, however, these findings provide support for those such therapy such a therapy for weight loss and better health. -End. Continue reading “As previously and improves glucose tolerance associated.”

Published by the now more than 700 genome-wide association studies of 2.

This generated a huge amount of controversy – not least because it would undermine the usual search strategy disease genes. To further investigate the matter PLoS Biology is published two critiques of the Goldstein items And next a response from the authors of the original article week. For more on this, see the GWAS series Editorial common disease – causal alleles are common or rare? by PLoS Biology Editor Dr. Robert Shields.. Published by the now more than 700 genome-wide association studies of 2,000 common variants in over a hundred in over a hundred diseases. Yet the people are with the supposed disease predisposing alleles is only slightly than those without. The disease than those without. Larger scale studies have showed more disease genes In January 2010, with smaller effect on disease risk overall survival.

In fact, overtaking smoking as America’s number one killerU.S. Government researchers said that obesity is rapidly overtaken smoking as the country’s number one killer. In fact, obesity problem that many problem that many experts are now saying it is affecting all the benefits of recent improvements in the health care and medical breakthroughs. Continue reading “Published by the now more than 700 genome-wide association studies of 2.”

President of the International Society for stem Cell Research.

While Daley, President of the International Society for stem Cell Research, is enthusiastic about the promise of reprogramming studies, he is far from having to abandon experiments with embryonic stem cells. Daley believes that reprogramming and ESC research must be encouraged in tandem to bring cell therapy to the clinic as quickly as possible.

Daley and his colleagues of the first author and children researcher In Hyun Park, intentionally produced some stem cell lines for , single, single-gene diseases such as Gaucher’s disease, complex genetic syndromes, such as Down and then complex diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, genetic genetic, cellular, and perhaps environmental components. Continue reading “President of the International Society for stem Cell Research.”

Of the country.

Of the country.ccess of NHS building projects since 1997, UKHealth Minister Patricia Hewitt has today a map demonstrates the first time the massive investment in the fabric of the NHS. This map shows how did the communities in each region of the country. From the new hospitals, surgeries, health centers and clinics that have benefited opened since 1997.

The new hospital buildings get green light are: – North Bristol NHS Trust – a new 374 million, 947 bed hospital combination of specialist? and acute services currently provided Frenchay and Southmead hospitals, the development replaces pre-war and converted world War cabins and a new A & E, critical care belong. Continue reading “Of the country.”

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